Mess-Proof Fabric

What is Repeltex?

Repeltex is a superior, waterproof performance material made from a feather-light, 100% woven polyester that is treated with a signature, multi-layer, waterproof PU (polyurethane) back coating. 

Using a liquid application process, Repeltex’s waterproof PU back coating is permanently affixed to the polyester fibers of the fabric, making the fabric’s waterproof properties extremely long lasting. 

Beyond the waterproofing benefits, our PU coating also strengthens the polyester fabric making it supremely durable and both tear and abrasion resistant.  All of this performance is maintained within a whisper-light, silky fabric that is still breathable and comfortable to wear.

Stringently tested for safety, Repeltex is certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. With Repeltex, superior comfort and performance is combined with trusted safety.

What is PU Coating? The PU in PU Coating stands for polyurethane, an elastic polymer, which is commonly applied in either liquid or film form to athletic or performance fabrics to enhance water-repellent capabilities.


Q: Are these bibs machine washable?

A:Yes! Mess-proof bibs are machine washable, we suggest a warm wash with gentle detergent followed by a short low heat tumble dry.


Q: What is the purpose of the snaps inside the bib pocket?

A: Our pockets are designed to be turned inside out so that you can roll the bib into the pocket and snap it closed, this allows for easy on-the-go storage in diaper bags. Just make sure the bib is always clean and dry when stored this way.


Q:  What are these bibs made of?

A:  The bibs are made from 100% recycled polyester and they are amazingly lightweight, durable, and incredibly strong to withstand frequent washes and use. Tiny Twinkle bibs are made to last!


Q: Are these bibs stain resistant?

A: Yes, but for more difficult foods such as tomato sauce you should always rinse immediately with cold water, then rub soap or detergent into the stains and let it sit for five minutes. Rinse the fabric with cold water afterwards.